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Minors' Counsel for When Child Custody Decisions are Unclear


To say that child custody disputes can get heated is one of the greatest understatements of divorce and family law. In many cases that end up in the courtroom, each parent can be so focused on defaming the other that they both forget to present an actual case as to why they should have primary or sole custody. This is a serious problem, as the court needs to rule in favor of a child’s best interests at all times. When significant bickering or case complications cloud just what will benefit the child the most, minors’ counsel may become necessary.

In California, minors’ counsel is a third party attorney who is actually there to act on the behalf of the children, not one parent or the other. The lawyer acting as minors’ counsel is tasked with getting to know the children, understand both sides of the parents’ arguments, and essentially clear out any “smoke” that was clouding the situation. This requires an in-depth knowledge of California family law and the various agencies that tie into a child custody case.

You should expect minors’ counsel in your child custody case to:

  • Interview all parties to determine the best interests of the child.
  • Speak with third parties for additional information, like family therapists or doctors.
  • Review any evidence presented by police or social workers if domestic violence is a concern.
  • Represent the children and act on their behalf during any hearings.

To keep matters fair and balanced, the court will create a court order for each parent to pay half of the attorney fees. To this extent, minors’ counsel is an outcome the court determines necessary and puts on the shoulders of each parent for not being able to cooperate or present a workable child custody case.

Minors’ Counsel in Pasadena, California

Attorney Christie Gille of Gille Kaye Law Group, PC acts as a minors’ counsel through regular court appointments and also teaches others about minors’ counsel in Los Angeles County. Please be advised that if you are going through a child custody dispute and believe minors’ counsel may be appointed for your case, you may not speak to Attorney Gille directly, as this could be interpreted as an attempt to win her favor. However, if you have questions about how minors’ counsel works, you can call (626) 340-0955 and ask to speak to another one of our attorneys about what you should know upfront. We look forward to helping you understand and get through this difficult time.

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