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Working on a Summertime Child Custody Agreement


Has your summer been a little hectic due to conflicts between your plans for your child and what your ex-spouse expects? This is nothing unique. Every summer, divorced parents across the country are surprised to find they cannot go to a theme park, go on a road trip, visit relatives, and so forth due to preexisting child custody and visitation agreements.

However common it might be to experience complications in the summer due to divorce decrees and child custody, it does not mean this needs to be a recurring problem. With a little bit of planning and the right help from a lawyer, you can plan ahead for next summer so you, your ex-spouse, and your children can enjoy it better.

To begin, you should think about using a modification to change the parameters of your child custody and visitation agreement. Many divorced couples decide to temporarily alter child custody schedules during the summer months, from about June to August. For example, if custody was ordered to switch every week or every other week, a modification or stipulation in the child custody schedule could note to swap custody at the beginning or end of each summer month instead. Such an arrangement would allow each parent ample time to take extended vacations with their children.

With this said, it is also crucial to consider whether or not you have the ability to leave the state without permission from your ex-spouse. If you go outside of state boundaries with your child and your parenting time schedule disallows it, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble, amounting to the reduction or removal of your parenting rights.

Know Your Options & Make Adjustments Sooner Than Later

To prevent your summertime fun from being cancelled by child custody and visitation right conflicts again next year, call (626) 340-0955 to connect with Gille Kaye Law Group, PC. Our Pasadena attorneys would be happy to sit down with you, review your divorce decree from front to back, and find places that should be modified for your convenience. We can help you compile and word the requested modifications in a way that should look appealing to your ex as well, reducing the chances of unnecessary conflicts.

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