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Child Custody Our lawyers help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

Pasadena Child Custody Attorneys

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SPECIAL NOTICE on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: During the COVID-19 pandemic shelter-at-home time period, reports of domestic violence, also called interpersonal violence, have gone way up.

Call 911 if you need immediate help!

If you are experiencing abuse from your partner, insist on excellent, caring legal help to get the protection you need. Gille Kaye Law Group, PC is here to get your case heard - even during the court shutdown time period. If you need us, or if law enforcement has told you to file, send us a message in the box on this page to schedule your confidential legal consultation on domestic violence. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

You have the right to protect yourself. 

You do not need to stay with your abuser because of coronavirus stay-at-home orders!


Parents are contacting us about visitation during the coronavirus COVID-19 shelter-in-place and stay-at-home government shutdown. Based on our continuous monitoring of the guidelines, edicts and orders being issued by the government and courts at the State/County/Local levels, our current general guidance for visitation with previous court orders is as follows.

Regular, unmonitored visitation in California is allowed to proceed as per previous court orders. Parents and other caregivers should be especially cautious to practice social distancing, hand washing, surface cleaning, clothing cleaning and appropriate isolation with notice. Isolation from the other parent’s home, and non-exchange of a child, would usually only be appropriate if anyone in one of the child’s households has either been diagnosed with corona virus or has not been tested but has been told by their medical provider to isolate and stay at home for a probable infection with corona virus. Notice of illness and non-exchange of children must be given with enough warning that the parents may discuss between themselves or consult their lawyers/minor’s counsel should disagreements arise.

As we all know, the situation is changing daily and every case is different. Call or send us a message using the box on this page to discuss your specific parenting needs and to determine whether you should seek a visitation modification or abide by preexisting orders.

Protect Your Rights as a Parent: Call (626) 340-0955 Now

At Gille Kaye Law Group, PC, our dedicated Pasadena child custody lawyers will help all parties involved in a contested custody dispute understand and design age-appropriate child custody and parenting plans for settlement or trial. If you are facing a child custody matter, you need our firm by your side. Our combined experience and extensive work with children in the minor's counsel role makes us ready to help our clients achieve success for their children. Our team of legal professionals will work tirelessly to pursue the result that your child deserves.

How Our Pasadena Child Custody Attorneys Can Help

  • Our child custody attorneys provide outstanding representation to parents who are trying to protect their children's best interests.
  • Our legal team includes:
    • Christine Gille, a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) with 31 years of experience.
    • Lloyd Kaye, an experienced custody and property attorney with 20 years of business experience before practicing law.
  • Christine Gille is frequently court-appointed as Minor's Counsel for children and is also sought by other attorneys as a consultant to work through difficult custody issues for their clients.

Learn why you should hire usto protect you and your child's rights by calling (626) 340-0955or by contacting us online. Our experienced Pasadena child custody attorneys can help.

Put Decades of Collective california child custody Experience on Your Side

Attorney Christine Gille has extensive experience with child custody cases, and she can help you fight for your desired results. It can be ideal for most couples to come to a negotiated agreement for custody or visitation.

If you and a former partner cannot negotiate a child custody agreement, we will represent you and your children's best interests during settlement or litigation. Your rights and privileges as a parent are invaluable, and we understand your need for protection. Call our Pasadena child custody attorneys at (626) 340-0955 for your consultation today. We are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Understanding Child Custody Rights in California

When most parents decide to separate, they can negotiate a reasonable visitation schedule. However, many parents need help solving custody, visitation, and support issues. The problems are most acute when there are issues of domestic violence, when one parent believes the other is negligent, or when one parent believes the other is using their relationship with the child as a weapon. In these situations, it is crucial to understand your options and how you may pursue the outcome that you and your children need. Let a Pasadena child custody lawyer from our team provide you with the legal service that you need.

How Do Judges Decide Custody in CA?

In California, judges must prioritize the best interests of any children and operate under the assumption that it is optimal for parents to share joint custody. This way, a child can develop and maintain relationships with both parents equally. However, their ultimate decision will take into consideration each parent's ability to raise and care for a child's safety, health, and well-being.  
Judges will consider the following factors:

  • Any existing risk to the child's health or safety
  • The criminal history of parents
  • History of abuse between parents or to the child
  • Degree of change to the child's environment
  • The co-parenting skills of the parents
  • The preference of an older child

Essentially, unless there is a prevalent threat to the well-being of the children, a judge will favor joint custody arrangements. Thus if you believe that your ex-spouse is incapable of raising your children, it is paramount that you retain the representation of a highly-skilled attorney who can help you prove it.

Types of Child Custody in California

There are different types of child custody that your family must consider:

Legal custody refers to the parent who will make legal & life decisions for the child.

  • Physical custody refers to the actual home of the child.

If disputing parents cannot work together to ensure the best interests of their children, a judge will make a court order to resolve the issues. Consult us about the child custody complexities of your parentage or divorce case so you can secure your child's interests. Our Pasadena child custody attorneys work to put the needs and interests of your children first. Do not let an incorrect custody order permanently impact your child's health, safety, and welfare.

Our Pasadena child custody attorneys will help you determine which custody plan and what needs must be fulfilled to meet the child's best interests today, as well as for years to come.

Demand Excellence from Your Legal Representation

When moving forward in a divorce or parentage case, you will have to make complex decisions that could ultimately impact your family's dynamic for years. Because of the high-stakes nature of disputed child custody matters, you should demand nothing short of excellence from your Pasadena child custody lawyer.

Read what our former clients and colleagues have to say about us:

  • "Christine helped me move to the east coast with my two boys. She was so thorough in her preparation of my evidence that we did not have to have an evaluation before we moved."
  • "Christine helped us come to a fair final settlement without the expense of trial. We were able to get over our fighting on the few issues we could not resolve on our own because of Christine's sense of timing, her insistence that we make a little progress every time we spoke, and her great staff."
  • "She was professional, a thorough investigator, and a compassionate advocate for the needs of the children of my clients. If the court appoints this lady, your client's children will be well represented!"

Creating a Parenting Plan for Child Custody Cases

When going through a child custody case, it is essential to create a comprehensive parenting plan that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each parent. A parenting plan serves as a guide for co-parenting and ensures that the child's best interests are prioritized.

Our experienced Pasadena child custody attorneys can assist you in creating a parenting plan that covers various aspects, including:

  • Visitation schedules: We can help you establish a visitation schedule that allows both parents to spend quality time with the child while considering factors such as school schedules, holidays, and special occasions.
  • Decision-making authority: We will work with you to determine how major decisions regarding the child's education, healthcare, and religious upbringing will be made. Our attorneys will ensure that the plan reflects your desires and protects your parental rights.
  • Communication guidelines: Effective communication is crucial for successful co-parenting. We can help you establish guidelines for communication between parents, including methods of communication and expectations for response times.
  • Dispute resolution: Inevitably, conflicts may arise between co-parents. Our attorneys can help you include provisions in the parenting plan for resolving disputes, such as mediation or seeking professional assistance.

By working with our skilled child custody lawyers, you can ensure that your parenting plan is thorough, fair, and in the best interests of your child. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and protect your rights as a parent.

Hire a Compassionate Pasadena Child Custody Lawyer Today

Child custody issues are complex and highly contestable legal matters. You should not go without representation during a contested child custody case.

Our Pasadena child custody attorneys have special knowledge of the workings of the family courts in Los Angeles County. We draw from our extensive training to help you understand child custody options and the need for establishing a parenting plan or a visitation schedule. Our legal team will keep you informed of every case development. By staying informed, you and the other parent can make empowered decisions that contribute to the overall health and wellness of your family and, ultimately, your family's future.

Call (626) 340-0955 for Advice from a Certified Family Law Specialist

If you are seeking a fair custody arrangement, or if you are looking to protect your parental rights, speak with our Pasadena child custody attorneys. We understand your need for compassion, understanding, and discretion at this time, and we can provide you with the insightful legal guidance you need at this time.

Our Pasadena child custody attorneys are proud to serve the families of Los Angeles County and will be happy to fight for you and your child's best interest.

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