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I Think My Spouse is Hiding Assets. What Can I Do? When couples get a divorce, one of the most significant matters to discuss is how to divide their assets and property. For some couples, this process can quickly become heated and lead to countless disagreements. Some spouses choose to hide their property to obtain more property in the divorce ... Read More

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  • Did COVID-19 Really Increase the U.S. Divorce Rate in 2020? During the first half of 2020, statistics seemed to indicate that COVID-19 could drive up the U.S. divorce rate, which has been on a decline for ...
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  • Understanding Businesses & Property Division During California Divorces The division of assets and liabilities is often the most contentious part of a divorce. When one party owns valuable assets, such as a business, it ...
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  • What Does a Guardian Ad Litem Do? During certain types of legal disputes, a court may appoint a legal representative called a "guardian ad litem" to defend the rights of a child or ...
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  • The Holidays & Your Parenting Plan: Handling Christmas as a Co-Parent For many co-parents, the holidays are unfortunately just as stressful as they are exciting. Between school breaks, holidays, and job schedules, many ...
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