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Child Support

Our legal team helps individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

Pasadena Child Support Lawyers

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Child SupportAt Gille Kaye Law Group, PC, we understand the difficulties in establishing or modifying child support. These difficulties are especially acute with complex financial issues such as establishing self-employment income, locating hidden income, or finding third-party income such as a trust.

When you must prove one of these types of issues to pay, receive, or modify fair support, you need the help of a Pasadena family law attorney.

We Solve Child Support Issues for Pasadena Families

When you have difficulties proving your income or the other parent's income, you need attorneys who fully understand the accounting complexities that make up income proof. We will help you with such proof problems as an interpretation of profits and loss, taxation, deferred income, changes in income, net income of the small business person, and others. If you are required to pay child support, you mustn't be required to pay more than is reasonable under the law. If you are entitled to receive child support, you must be sure you are getting the full amount to which you are entitled.

We can help families through a range of child support matters, including:

  • Determining fair child support based on all factors
  • Investigating sources of income through discovery, subpoenas, forensic accountants
  • Finding investment, trust, interest, self-employment, under-the-table, rental, royalty, and project income
  • Negotiating child support agreements
  • Modifying outdated child support orders
  • Litigating initial and modified child support orders

What Is Child Support?

When one person makes substantially more income than the other, regardless of the percent of custody, the lower-income person may be entitled to child support under California state law.

Child support calculations can be simple if there is no disagreement about the gross incomes of the parties and a custodial parenting plan has already been established. In fact, many paternity lawsuits are filed by the parents themselves in such situations because California offers a free support calculator online.

For those with more complex income pictures, the investigation of such fine points as self-employment income, hidden income, unusual sources of income, hardship calculations, or whether a parent is working to his or her full capacity will complicate the amount of support paid or received and will require a lawyer's help.

Expenses considered when determining child support:

  • Medical expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Daycare / nanny care
  • Transportation costs
  • School tuition
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Stepchildren
  • Home mortgage and property tax
  • Other child support orders

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