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Our specialists help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

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What Are the Steps in a California Divorce? For your marriage to be legally ended in California, you must go through the proper channels. The divorce process involves completing the necessary paperwork, getting the documents to your spouse, and meeting deadlines and other time requirements. Filing for a divorce can be an emotionally difficult ... Read More

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  • Is There a Benefit to Divorcing Before the End of the Year? Divorce is a complex process, and timing it right can be a challenge. Deciding whether to file for divorce during the holiday season or wait until ...
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  • Child Relocation and Co-Parenting Sometimes, your child will relocate with their other parent in a voluntary or court-approved move for the other parent’s new opportunities in ...
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  • Drafting the Perfect Parenting Plan - Tips & Tricks For many parents, drafting the parenting plan is one of the most complex and challenging parts of handling a child custody case . Knowing what to aim ...
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  • FAQs About Minor's Counsel Minor's counsel is a non-biased voice for a child in a family law matter. This protects the minor's well-being and does not force a child to take ...
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