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5 Tips for Minimizing Conflict During a Difficult Divorce


When conflict comes naturally in your relationship with your spouse, divorce can be a long, challenging, and emotionally draining process. During this difficult time, you might find yourself in conflict with your ex-partner, dealing with court hearings and lawyers, and struggling to keep your emotions in check. Minimizing conflict is essential for your and your children’s well-being during a difficult divorce.

1. Prioritize Communication

Communication is vital. Try to communicate calmly, respectfully, and honestly with your ex-partner. Be clear about your expectations and needs. Listening to your ex-partner's perspective is essential. If your ex-partner raises valid concerns, consider them and try to find a mutually beneficial resolution.

2. Avoid Blaming & Accusations

Blaming and accusations can escalate conflict and make it harder to reach an agreement. Instead of pointing fingers, focus on the issues at hand and how to resolve them. Prepare to compromise, as the overall goal of your divorce is to find a solution that works for both parties—not assign blame.

3. Consider Mediation

Mediation can be an effective way to resolve disputes during a divorce. A mediator is often an attorney unrelated to the case who can help facilitate communication and negotiation. Mediation can be less expensive and less time-consuming than going to court. It can also be more peaceful and less adversarial as couples collaborate on solutions to their divorce’s most significant issues.

4. Take Care of Yourself

The divorce process can often be emotionally and physically draining. It is essential to take care of yourself during this time to help preserve your well-being. One of the best things you can do is to set a new self-care routine involving getting enough sleep each night, eating well, exercising, and even meeting with a therapist to discuss your emotions about this challenging time.

5. Put Your Children First

Divorce can be a cause of severe stress for children. It is crucial to prioritize their well-being and minimize their involvement. Try to be civil and respectful with your ex-partner in front of them. Keep communication open and honest with them. Avoid using them as messengers or putting them in the middle of conflicts.

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