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Our specialists help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

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Am I Responsible for My Spouse's Credit Card Debt in a Divorce? As you prepare your divorce settlement with your spouse, one issue that may come up is the division of debt. Not only do you and your spouse have to divide up the property and assets that were accumulated during your marriage, you also have to equitably divide the obligations or debts that you ... Read More

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  • Will the Court Split All Our Stuff 50 / 50 in Divorce? In California divorce proceedings, some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients involve alimony and property division. California is a ...
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  • Published Article about Relocating with Children Our article, To Relocate or Not to Relocate: What is the Standard? Where Do We Go from Here? ©, was published in the ACFLS Family Law specialist. In ...
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  • Our Attorneys Were Published by the ACFLS We were recently published by the ACFLS Family Law Specialist, for our work on a research article: Clash in Public Policy: Rights of Privacy in ...
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  • How Is Child Support Determined? While the first concern of most parents is the well-being of their children, they are also often rightfully concerned about the amount of money that ...
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