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Our specialists help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

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COLA Clauses Can Be Included in Child Support Agreements Two leading factors used to determine child support in California are each parent’s income and parenting time with the child . The higher-earning parent typically pays child support to the other parent. The less time the payor parent spends with their child, the higher their child support obligation ... Read More

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  • Discovery Is an Important Fact-Finding Process in CA Divorce Whether your divorce is heading to trial or a settlement , the discovery process provides valuable information about your spouse and the case. Through ...
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  • Is My Divorce Agreement Public Record? For most people, privacy is of the utmost importance—especially in situations involving children. It is no surprise then that privacy is often one of ...
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  • Do Unmarried Couples Have Community Property Rights? When married couples end their union, California’s community property laws guide the allocation of their assets. The state’s guidelines take the ...
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  • Why Seeking Sole Custody Is Complicated There are many reasons a parent might want sole custody of their child. Perhaps the other parent is abusive. Perhaps they are neglectful. Perhaps, for ...
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