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Our specialists help individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County with complex family law issues.

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Can I Stop Paying Alimony When I Retire? California courts won’t force anyone to continue working beyond retirement age to pay alimony. That said, your obligations won’t automatically end when you stop working. If you are eligible to retire, you must petition the court to end your required alimony payments in California or risk a contempt ... Read More

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  • What Happens to Our Credit Cards in Our Divorce? As a married couple, you may share credit cards as a portion of your shared finances. As you continue dividing your assets, you may be concerned about ...
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  • How To Find Hidden Assets in a Divorce When couples are ending their marriage, it’s not uncommon for trust between the two spouses to be at a low point. When the couple in question has ...
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  • How to Know That You’ve Chosen the Right Lawyer for You When seeking legal representation, the pressure is on you to select the right attorney for your case. It may seem overwhelming to find adequate legal ...
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  • Can I Increase My Child Support Payments? Life can change in a hurry and expenses add up fast. That can certainly be true when you’re divorced with physical custody of your children. You may ...
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