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Discovery Is an Important Fact-Finding Process in CA Divorce Whether your divorce is heading to trial or a settlement , the discovery process provides valuable information about your spouse and the case. Through formal discovery , you can request specific documentation, testimony, and other details from your spouse. The information gathered enables you to ... Read More

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  • The Purpose of a Private Judge in a California Divorce The breakdown of a marriage is a personal situation but can become very public when the case is heard in Superior Court. Divorcing spouses who cannot ...
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  • What Happens to Our Credit Cards in Our Divorce? As a married couple, you may share credit cards as a portion of your shared finances. As you continue dividing your assets, you may be concerned about ...
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  • How To Find Hidden Assets in a Divorce When couples are ending their marriage, it’s not uncommon for trust between the two spouses to be at a low point. When the couple in question has ...
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  • Why Hiring an Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help You in Your Complicated Divorce Would you let anyone install your kitchen countertops? If not, then you shouldn’t let just anyone work on your divorce. Trust the professionals to ...
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