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Preparation Tips for Working with Minor’s Counsel


Divorce isn't easy for anyone involved, but it can be particularly difficult for children. In some cases, the court may assign a minor’s counsel to represent the child's best interests. It's essential to properly prepare for working with a minor’s counsel to ensure the best possible outcome for your child or children.

Research Multiple Counselors

Before selecting a minor’s counsel, research options thoroughly. Not all counselors are the same, and some may possess qualifications or experience that are particularly relevant to your case. When researching, look for attorneys with expertise in family law, particularly with minor’s counsel cases. Consider reading reviews of past clients to gain insight into their experience working with the attorney.

Do not directly contact the attorney, as it can impact their availability for your case.

Instead, follow their documented procedures for a CV for the court.

Understand the Roles of Minor’s Counsel & Associated Costs

Knowing what to expect when working with a minor’s counsel is essential. The attorney's primary role is to represent the child's best interests, which may include advocating for the child's emotional, physical, or educational needs. The minor’s counsel does not represent either parent's or the child's preference.

Minor’s counsel have broad authority to perform investigations during the case and file motions or objections appropriate to represent the child's best interest. However, it is essential to know that the associated costs and fees of hiring one of these attorneys can vary based on factors such as your income level and the extent of the attorney's responsibilities.

Contact Skilled Pasadena Family Law Attorneys

Working with a minor’s counsel during a high-conflict divorce can be challenging, but with proper preparation, parents can ensure the best interests of their child are represented. At Gille Kaye Law Group, PC, our family law attorneys can help you navigate the process of obtaining minor’s counsel for your child.

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