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Why Online Divorce Services Might Be Riskier Than You Think


Have you been searching around for a family law or divorce specialist lately? You might have been targeted by automated advertisements that promote online divorce services. While these ads like to boast that online divorcing is “simple, quick, and inexpensive,” the reality is that they can end up being complicated, hastily rushed, and costly in unexpected ways.

When using an online divorce service, you could encounter these three problems:

  • Automated solutions: There is nothing about a divorce that should be forced into a template or given format, but this is exactly what online divorce systems do. Each divorce is as unique as the couple divorcing and needs to be treated as such. Otherwise, the cookie-cutter solutions are going to either lead to mistakes or overlook some seriously important issues with child custody, alimony, and the like. If you want to make certain that your divorce is actually crafted to your liking, you have to work with a professional attorney that provides personalized counsel.
  • Computing errors: Someone who uses online divorce systems is putting their future into the “hands” of a computer. The automated system will file the paperwork and could feasibly make an egregious filing mistake, such as filing your divorce papers in the wrong county or not filing them at all. When it comes to something as important as your divorce, which dictates how the foreseeable future will pan out, it is recommended you work with a real life person who can understand your situation, act compassionately, and use real urgency when time is short.
  • No courtroom preparation: Filing divorce papers does not mean that everything in those papers will be approved. Your spouse has the opportunity to challenge your suggested proposals, and even the court itself can block them if they are completely unreasonable. Using an online divorce service would leave you entirely unprepared for any unexpected speedbumps or roadblocks put up by other parties in your divorce.

At Gille Kaye Law Group, our Pasadena attorneys provide real and responsive family law services to people in need of guidance, representation, and moral support. If you are thinking about divorcing but are not interested in risking your best interests with an automatic online system, you are encouraged to contact us at any time. Led by a certified family law specialist, you can be confident that your case will be managed appropriately and respectfully by our team.

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