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Is My Ex-Spouse Entitled to Enroll the Children in a Private School?


Every parent wants the best for their kids. But what if parents are divorced and their definitions of “best” are not the same? What if the custodial parent wants to enroll the children in an expensive private school and expects the supporting parent to pay for it? Many child support-paying parents come to us asking if they can be forced to pay for private school when they do not think it’s necessary for their child. Our Pasadena attorneys are here with answers.

Private Education: Basic Necessity or Optional Add-On?

Child support is intended to help pay for the child or children’s basic needs – including things like education and school supplies. Private education does not fall under that category, however; it is considered a discretionary add-on. If both parents agree that they want to send their child to a private school, then the court can issue a support order that reflects that agreement, either splitting the costs 50/50 or based on the parents’ individual incomes.

What if the Parents Can’t Agree on a School?

Any kind of dispute over child support will need to be resolved either through mediation or by a family law judge. Either way, you will need a skilled divorce advocate on your side to counsel and represent you. Contact a Pasadena lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your situation and learn what your legal options are regarding child support.

Discuss Your Child Support Case with a Pasadena Lawyer

Gille Kaye Law Group, PC can help you seek a fair child support order that matches your income and provides for your child or children’s educational needs. Our team can put more than 30 years of combined experience to work for you, including the focused attention of a Certified Family Law Specialist, Christine Gille. Attorney Gille focuses a large percentage of her practice on family law, has passed a rigorous exam, and regularly takes part in ongoing legal education in order to be a Certified Family Law Specialist. You can have confidence in our firm’s ability to provide the level of experience and attention that you deserve.

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