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How to Know That You’ve Chosen the Right Lawyer for You


When seeking legal representation, the pressure is on you to select the right attorney for your case. It may seem overwhelming to find adequate legal representation you trust, but once you select your attorney, you can begin with your case. Our Gille Kaye Law Group, PC attorneys share questions to guide you through your selection process.

How Do You Feel About Sharing Information With Your Lawyer?

If you feel uncomfortable about sharing information about your divorce or other family law matter, this may not be the attorney for you. You should feel comfortable sharing all relevant information so they can build the best possible case for you.

Will Your Lawyer Advocate for Your Best Interests?

If you feel this attorney will advocate for an easy resolution or will not put your best interests at heart, then you may need to look elsewhere. You will not get a favorable outcome without an attorney who is prepared to advocate for your interests instead of their own.

Will Your Lawyer Listen To You?

When in your initial consultation, take note of if you feel that your attorney listens to you. Do you feel they will pick up every detail for your case? Do they understand your goals and priorities for your legal matter?

You need someone who will listen to you and then shift their guidance to reflect your wishes. If you feel that your lawyer isn’t listening, then it might be time to find new representation.

Is Your Lawyer Experienced?

An attorney can fight for your case, but an experienced attorney can use past lessons learned when building your case. You should bank on experience and find an attorney with extensive knowledge of Los Angeles County family court.

To learn more about why you should consider an experienced Gille Kaye Law Group, PC attorney, read our blog.

Is Your Lawyer Prepared for All Possible Situations With Your Case?

You may not know which direction your case will go in, so you should find an attorney who is ready to handle any issues you may have. Ask your attorney about what they plan to do if there are extenuating circumstances or if your contested divorce becomes hostile or stalled. If you feel they do not have a plan or cannot create a suitable approach, you may need to reconsider your selection of firm.

Gille Kaye Law Group, PC Family Law Attorneys

We understand how important it is to select the right lawyer for your situation. You should have compassionate counsel who is understanding of your individual case needs. If you do not feel confident in your selection of counsel or feel you are not being heard, you may need a second opinion or to select new representation.

Are you seeking counsel for your family law matter? Call our Gille Kaye Law Group, PC team at (626) 340-0955 or contact us online to schedule your confidential consultation with our team.

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