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Child Support Modifications in California

Making Changes to Your Child Support Orders

There is no doubt that after divorce, life changes, in fact, life is always changing. Sometimes, these changes will affect your income, your living situation, and your ability to pay child support. A child support modification is a change made to a court order based upon a substantial change of circumstances since the order was last completed. There are several situations that may warrant a change in your court order. Let our team of modification attorneys at Gille Kaye Law Group, PC help you pursue modification based on a review of your original orders and evaluation of your current circumstances. Don’t risk facing contempt of court because you cannot pay, pursue a modification with the help of our team.

What Warrants a Modification?

There are several reasons why you may be awarded a child support modification, including the 5 major changes listed below.

  1. Change in employment: If you lose your job involuntarily, or your company closes, this sudden and vast drop in income would warrant a modification, or at least a temporary reduction.
  2. Involuntary commitment or incarceration: If you are serving time or are committed to an institution, your ability to pay may diminish or stop, which can warrant a change in child support or temporary modification.
  3. Medical emergency or illness: If you are struck with a serious injury or illness and it impacts your ability to provide or support yourself or others, changes can be made in consideration of your situation.
  4. Changes in custody: If you or your spouse has taken over or greatly reduced the time spent with your children, your child support can change to reflect changes in custody, as well.
  5. Child medical status: If your child suffers an ongoing physical or cognitive ailment that requires extensive medical care, a modification may be to cover those expenses.

Legal Counsel for Complex Circumstances

If you are experiencing a major change in your living situation, and there is a risk of failing to pay, it is in your best interest to discuss your circumstances with an attorney. Our team at Gille Kaye Law Group, PC can work with you to review your case and seek a modification that allows for your new circumstances. Don’t let your situation cause more problems that it has to, let our team help you find solutions.

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